Representative Projects

Numerous US tech companies in assessing the applicability of EU data protection laws and the California Consumer Privacy Act and in establishing and executing compliance programs.

A clean-water technology company in its partner strategy and commercial contracts.

A media-industry software company in privacy and IP matters, including acquisition-related source-code due diligence.

A venture capital firm in numerous IP due diligence projects.

A medical device developer and manufacturer in its privacy program.

An intelligent-device and mobile-app provider in its privacy policy and all of its commercial contracts.

A process automation company in its partner program strategy.

A “neutral host” DAS network service provider in its master agreement with a multi-site landlord and sublicense agreements with major carriers.

A digital content provider in privacy and trademark matters.

An enterprise software company in numerous acquisitions.

A university technology investment arm in its agreements with participating funded startups.

An EdTech platform provider in all its commercial agreements.

A healthcare data-analytics provider in its agreements with major pharmaceutical companies.

A world-class business school in its distance-learning terms of use and privacy policy.

Several funded startups in their negotiations of university patent licenses.

A cloud-computing security company in its OEM licensing program.

A healthcare-related Saas provider in its customer agreements.

A corporate training company in its digital platform terms of use.

An online distributor in privacy matters and vendor agreements.

A dealership-management software provider in its standard form customer license agreement.

A networked-lighting company in manufacturing agreements and establishing its channel distribution program.

An online retailer in its privacy policy and terms of use.